STATEMENT<br> /Anata ni aete yokatta<br>【First Pressing Limited Edition】

 /Anata ni aete yokatta
【First Pressing Limited Edition】

2013.06.05 Release

“STATEMENT” is a positive message song to overcome adversity.
Including a coupling track “Anata ni aete yokatta”, a gentle ballad song expressing gratitude for someone special.

■First Pressing Limited Edition(CD+DVD) 1,572yen(tax included) UMCK-9621

≪Track List≫
  <Theme song for Thursday mystery TV drama "Keiji 110kiro" affiliated with TV Asahi.>
02.Anata ni aete yokatta
  <TV commercial image song for "Fuji TV Flower Net" period of April to May of 2013.>
04.Anata ni aete yokatta(Instrumental)

≪DVD Track List≫(Music Clip)
01. Anata ni aete yokatta