Concert Tour 2023 ALL BEST 2<br>【Standard Edition】

Concert Tour 2023 ALL BEST 2
【Standard Edition】

2024.06.19 Release

"ALL BEST 2" concert tour was held in 2023 with 22 concerts throughout Japan, all sold out.
The tour featured a set list of masterpieces, including original hit songs and the "VOCALIST" series, and it was determined to release a live album fully containing all the songs from the December 2 concert at the Kawaguchi Sogo Bunka Center LILIA Main Hall!
This live album contains the "best" of Hideaki Tokunaga's passion for singing!

■Standard Edition(2CD) 4,400yen(tax included) COCB-54370-54371

≪Track List≫
01.Aoi chigiri
03.Yume wo shinjite
06.Dare yori suki nanoni
07.Boku no soba ni
08.Eien no hateni
09.Rainy Blue
10.Anohi no Poseidon

03.Wednesday Moon
04.Kowarekake no Radio
05.Saigo no iiwake
07.Tamashii no negai

★Information for the Purchase Privilege
Privileged postcards will be given to customers who purchase the NEW LIVE ALBUM.
Each postcard will be given on a first-come, first-served basis and discontinued once all the postcards are gone.

・ Stores privilege postcard design
  * Click here to see the stores eligible for the privilege (only displayed in Japanese).
・ Limited concert venues privilege postcard design
 * Customers who have already pre-ordered the new album at the concert venue,
  Customers who purchase at the concert venue after June 21 (Fri.) at Showa Women's
  University Hitomi Memorial Hall are eligible.

★Mini-panel Exhibition will be held!
To commemorate the release of the NEW LIVE ALBUM, a mini panel exhibition will be held at participating stores!
If you have time, we would be happy if you could drop by.

【Exhibition period】
From June 18, 2024 (Tue.), when each store opens, until June 30, 2024 (Sun.), when each store closes.

【Contents of the exhibition】
A4 size panels (10 different patterns) from the “Concert Tour 2023 ALL BEST 2” live tour will be displayed at each store.
The panels will feature photos from the live tour.
* The panels will be the same at each store.

【Stores where the mini-panel exhibition will be held】
Click here to see the stores where the mini-panel exhibition will be held (only displayed in Japanese).

* The exhibition period may change depending on circumstances.
 Please understand this in advance.
* Please note that opening/closing hours may vary depending on the store.
* The display style varies between stores. For details, please inquire at the store
 where the exhibition will be held.
* Mini panels will not be given away.