Toki no nagare ni mi wo makase

Toki no nagare ni mi wo makase

2010.03.31 Release

This is the final part of the covered series of female artist's popular songs.
From the New Album "VOCALIST4" (will be released on April 20, 2010), The single CD "Toki no nagare ni mi wo makase" will be presale!!

■1,257yen(tax included) UMCK-5269

≪Track List≫
01.Toki no nagare ni mi wo makase
  (Words:Toyohisa Araki Music:Takashi Miki Arrange:Masayuki Sakamoto)
  <Ending theme for "Uchi kuru!?", affiliated with Fuji Television.>
02.Akai sweet pea
  (Words:Takashi Matsumoto Music:Karuho Kureta Arrange:Masayuki Sakamoto)
03.Yasashisa de afureruyouni
  (Words:Shinquo Ogura/Seiji Kameda Music:Shinquo Ogura
   Arrange:Masayuki Sakamoto)
04.Toki no nagare ni mi wo makese(Instrumental)
05.Akai sweet pea(Instrumental)
06.Yasashisa de afureruyouni(Instrumental)

With double purchase (who purchase both new single and VOCALIST4) privilege application ticket!
< Applications will be accepted until April 26(Mon.). For details, please check the notice described in the CD >