Ningyou no ie<br> /Yume wa yoru hiraku<br>【Cassette tape】

Ningyou no ie
 /Yume wa yoru hiraku
【Cassette tape】

2012.05.09 Release

The first single of 2012 will be released!!
During the years of high economic growth in Japan, many Japanese songs sustained people.
Hideaki singing famous songs of Showa period in VOCALIST VINTAGE with his hopes to raise the spirits of people in this troubled times.
New VOCALIST series begins.

■1,320yen(tax included) UMSK-5002

≪Track List≫
01.Ningyou no ie
  (Words:Rei Nakanishi Music:Makoto Kawaguchi Arrange:Akihisa Matzura)
  <Ending theme for "Hiruobi!" affiliated with TBS national TV network in May.>
02.Yume wa yoru hiraku
  (Words:Masao Ishizaka Music:Komei Sone Arrange:Akihisa Matzura)
03.Ue wo muite arukou
  (Words:Rokusuke Ei Music:Hachidai Nakamura Arrange:Akihisa Matzura)
04.Ningyou no ie(Instrumental)
05.Yume wa yoru hiraku(Instrumental)
06.Ue wo muite arukou(Instrumental)