2020.09.15Notice of Sending Membership Magazine

We sent the latest membership magazine, PRISM vol.107
by Yu-Mail (Japan Post) on September 14 (Mon.).

If you will not receive it, please sure to contact us in Japanese.
We'll send it again after September 23 (Wed.).

■ TEL  03-6450-9126 【Mon. to Fri. 13:00~16:00】
■ E-mail

<Necessary Information>
Email title: PR107 Resending Request
Please writes the following articles in the text of the e-mail.
1. Membership number
2. Name
3. Address
4. Telephone number
5. Date of birth

*If you had changed your address after August 25 (Tue.)
and if you'd like us to resend it, please be sure to contact us in Japanese
(except someone submitted mail forwarding request to Japan Post).